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Post  Guest on Fri May 29, 2009 11:38 am

Here is a little document that I found helpful for creating and using your gimmick. Thought I'd share it with everyone.

What is a gimmick?

A gimmick is what your wrestler has that makes him different from other wrestlers. a gimmick can be anything:

* What your wrestler looks like: Bocephus is an overweight, redneck slob. Stands just over 6' tall, weighs 290 pounds
* What is your wrestling style: Mark Henry is a power wrestler, using moves that need a lot of strength
* What is your wrestler outside the ring: Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist
* What is your wrestler's personality or beliefs: jbl is arrogant and thinks he is better than everybody

The list is just a short one. there are other ways you can define your gimmick.

You need a good gimmick to help you be different from the other wrestlers in this roster. Find a gimmick you are comfortable with, and which can work to get you noticed.

You should also find ways to make your gimmick grow.Ttry not to stick to the same old thing over and over, or else people will see your character as stale, and will look for someone else to entertain them.

Make a gimmick you can easily play, some gimmicks are easier to play than others. Ask yourself how would this character behave, how is he supposed to move and talk, what does he look like? If you want to role play as a wrestler who raps, you would have to rap in your promos. if you want to role play as a rich man, you must show it with the things rich people have. If you want to role play as a wrestler who used to be a soldier, you can add military jargon to your promos, and make your character look like he used to be in the military.

if you want to use yourself as the wrestler, change something about him so he is not 100% you. Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, and The Rock are very popular because they are basically playing themselves but with some changes to their normal personality. Vince McMahon is not the most evil man alive, but because he is the chairman of WWE, he must do some things which are not popular, and he exaggerates these things to make the character you see on TV.

Be consistent with your gimmick - this means if your character is a good guy, you must play as a good guy until you decide you want to be a bad guy.

If your character drinks and smokes a lot, we should expect him to carry cigarettes and liquor all the time.

If your character is supposed to be a wrestling carpenter, he should be wearing a carpenter's clothes, carrying carpenter tools and building things when he is not wrestling.

If your character is supposed to be an arrogant prick, your role play must have you behave like an arrogant prick.

Be consistent within your own promos - sometimes wrestlers role play where they come out to the ring and talk about someone, then suddenly the same wrestler is talking from the titan tron. That confuses people, and makes you look like you don't know what you're doing or you're trying to do too much.

Always keep in mind what you want to talk about when you role play. Do you want to get another wrestler's attention? Do you want to hype a big match you are about to have? Do you want to just build your wrestler's personality?

What is a face/heel?
A face is a good guy in wrestling. This means as a good guy there are some things you cannot do, because they are not what good guys do. For example, would you consider someone to be a good guy if he throws a ton of horse crap in your car for absolutely no reason?

A heel is a bad guy in wrestling. This means they do things bad guys do, and make people and fans angry at them. If you found someone throwing horse crap in your car for no reason, you would naturally see him as a heel, because he just did something to hurt you and make you angry.

It is important that you stay consistent: if you say you are a face, don't do evil things on innocent wrestlers and people. If you are a heel, you must do things which will get everyone to hate you.

What is a tweener?
A tweener is someone who claims to be neither face nor heel. In reality, it means he wants to have it both ways. a tweener wants to be able to do nasty, evil things, but still be cheered by the fans. it is like having a priest have sex with little boys, and still be allowed to give mass and hear your confession.


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Post  Terrier on Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:15 am

Cheers for this, some useful points on this.

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Post  Guest on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:50 am

That's good ol' Bocephus for you! Guys that's new to feds listen to this guy! He has a lot of experience and have made playing in feds too much fun for me! LOL


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