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Post  Mr. AP on Thu May 28, 2009 2:15 pm

*"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor starts blaring over the speakers and sparks start to fly everywhere from the entrance. Finally, with a loud boom of a final spark shower, Mr. AP emerges from the curtains to a large pop from the audience. He walks down to the ring, with a look of determination on his face. In the ring, he calls for a mic...*

Mr. AP -- Look! Yall know by now that we had some sort of roster split. We got some clowns on this side, some clowns on that side... But do it really matter? Mr. AP's gonna step up to the plate regardless... And at first, I ain't gonna lie, I wasn't too happy with how it all shook down. Ultimate Terrier put my name in his mouth -- he was about to get checked by a REAL G! You just got lucky, homeboy!

*Shouts of AP! AP! AP! start to ring out, and Mr. AP pauses to soak it all in.*

Mr. AP -- Check it! It's time to take care of business! Homsar, as far as I'm concerned, you got lucky! 9 times out of 10 I win that fight, believe that! But, AP don't hold a grudge, so I'ma give you props, move on, and take you out later when I get around to it! But for right now, AP's got a little somethin somethin he likes to call "The Wheel of Respect". Yo T, bring it out, man!

*Remember the Name starts blaring again as a short, skinny, bald black man in his mid 20s emerges from the curtains, pushing a large, vertical, Wheel of Fortune-like wheel. As he gets down to the ring, AP helps him slide it into the ring and sets it up.*

Mr. AP -- Thanks, T. This, my friends, is The Wheel of Respect. I figure I could call suckas out, or I could just take it at random and take out all these clowns in the back one at a time. As yall can see, we got everybody on the roster right here, from War to Karlao. You got this, VGM Annachie? I'ma take on whoever this wheel lands on, aight!? We just gon do this one by one up in here! Let's get the first one who's gonna learn the meaning of RESPECT!

*Mr. AP grabs the wheel and gives it a hard spin. The wheel goes round and round as the crowd cheers. Finally, after a good ten seconds the wheel comes to a stop. Mr. AP looks closely at the name pointed to on the wheel. He steps back, nods his head a few times.*

Mr. AP -- MORHAG! *crowd goes wild* If you ain't got respect you ain't got nothin!!! Come get some!

*Remember the Name starts blaring as Mr. AP throws the mic down and plays to the crowd a little bit, soaking in the cheers. Some UWF crew come and get the wheel as Mr. AP exits the ring and saunters back down the aisle, pauses for a moment before the curtains and then disappears behind them.*
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