Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past

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Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past Empty Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past

Post  Terrier on Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:06 am

*The action cuts from ringside to the back stage area, where the Terrier can be seen walking to the locker room. As he enters nobody else is around, which is very unusual for a show night. As he makes his way to the locker he notices that it has been tampered with! He gets to his locker, swings it open to find that nothing has been touched, everything inside is no different than the last time he checked. Apart from a large brown envelope that has the word Terrier, scrawled across the front. Looking around the Terrier opens up the envelope and pulls out a sheet of card, which simply reads

…I know about your past! And soon so will all UFW!

Outraged that someone has broken in to his locker and the fact that someone might know something that he doesn’t want them to know, he slams the locker closed and screams at the top of his voice! He turns around to see the camera looking right at him and this only rage’s him further! Runs at the cameraman, punching it on his way past, as he leaves the locker room. Cuts back to ring side.

Commentator: Well I am not sure what all that was about but the Terrier certainly looked upset!

Commentator 2: What’s new, he’s always bellowing about something, I wonder what his dirty little secret is?

Commentator: I am not sure but I would say that we are probably going to find out sooner rather then later. Ok folks let’s get back to the action.

End of RP

From here on in any major developments regarding this storyline will be added to this thread, although elements of this story may run into other storylines and threads in the forum.

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Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past Empty Re: Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past

Post  TTT on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:59 am

Tough Tendon Thomas is sitting Backstage , while Goldi is massaging his shoulders. Diamond comes in, shortly hesitates as she sees Triple T and Goldi, before she walks over to them...

TTT: Ah, my little Diamond, how's your friend the Terrier doing?
Diamond: How should i know? Haven't seen him.
TTT: You mean, you haven't seen him since your little chat?
Diamond looks startled
Diamond: I...i didn't mean...
TTT *laughs* : It's OK, no need to look so frightened. You have a soft spot for animals in need, i understand that.
Diamond *upset*: He's not an animal!
TTT suddenly stops smiling , stands up and looks sternly in Diamonds eyes.
TTT: Excactly! He's not. He's worse. He's a madman and he's extremely dangerous. And if you'd know, what i know, you wouldn't talk so nicely of him.
Diamond: What...what do you mean by that?
TTT: You will understand very soon. I will show you and everyone in the UWF, what the Terrier is really like. Until then, you better stay away from him.

With these words, Tough Tendon Thomas walks towards the door. But Diamond lays her hand on his arm, asking: But why can't you just tell me now? I want to understand.
Triple T gently strokes her cheeck, saying: No, no, little Diamond. You would just run to the Terrier telling him everything, thanks to your big golden heart. Just be patient.

He steps out the room, leaving Diamond and Goldi behind.

Goldi walks to the door and closes it from the inside. She turns looking at Diamond with a smirk on her face.

Goldi: Now then, let's talk about your punishment.
Diamond: My punish...what are you talking about?
Goldi: Well, embarrassing Triple T in front of the whole world deserves a little punishment, don't you think Twisted Evil

As Goldi walks toward Diamond the camera blacks out...

Commentator #1: NOOOOO, why did the camera black out???
Commentator #2: And what did she meant with punishment, what was she going to do?
Commentator #1: really don't have a clue, do you?

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Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past Empty Re: Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past

Post  Terrier on Sun Jun 28, 2009 2:58 pm

These two threads come in between the two above, they were taking from a previous thread!

-- The GM Office: Schembri, supreme knight and Bocephus can be seen, obviously discussing important matters of the upcoming season. As they think silently about something supreme knight just said, voices can be heard from the other side of the office door: --

#1: Just leave her to me, i'll give her a piece of your mind.
#2: OK, just make it quick. I can't let her embarrass me in front of everybody. "Cute"! I still can't believe she actually said that.
#1: Oh, come on. Just let it go. You know she would never...
#2: She better won't! Just talk to her. I got something else to do now...

A knock on the door let the Wrestlers in the office look up. Before anyone says anything, the door opens and Tough Thomas Tendon enters the GM Office

TTT: GM, i have to talk to you...
Schembri: We're in the middle of something here. Could you come back later?
TTT: It won't take long. All i have to say is, that i demand a match with the Terrier! I let this madman suffer in every submission hold possible and I will put this muzzle over his ugly face.
supreme knight: You demand? Who do you think you are, coming in here, desturbing our meeting, demanding things? You can just be lucky that we let you stay on the Major Show Roster!
Bocephus: Now come on, SP, cut the little one some slack, will ya? He earned his spot. Just relax...uups, sorry, that was too relaxing...

-- by the faces of the attandees, the air must be filled with a horrible stench. Everyone tries to wave away the stink with both of their hands, except Bocephus, who is just grinning... --

TTT: By the gods, man. What have you eaten? ...Anyway, i kindly request a match with the terrier and i got a little surprise for him besides the muzzle. So how about it?

Follow on of the story

*The Terrier, having come from the cafateria where he was having lunch with Jonathan Simpson, is looking very upset!Dashing through the doors, he runs striaght into Diamond (One of TTT Divas)*

Diamond: Whoa there big boy...slow down, your gonna end up hurting some body.

* The Terrier who is not used to female interactions looks slightly uncomfortable, begins to back away*

Diamond: Listen Terrier dont go i need to tell you somthing, it's about Triple TTT.

*Terrier pauses and is interested in what she has to say*

Terrier: Go on...I am listening.

Diamond: Well, TTT was really upset, with what happend in the ring between you him and Dynamo, the way you blind-sided him (Interupted)


Diamond: Well yeah...but he dont see it that way...anyway i am going off track here! TTT has gone the Schembri and is asking for a one one one match, either before or after the championshps, its going to be a muzzle match...he wants to muzzle you.

Terrier: Ha!! Let him try... the Terrier will smash him into...(Interupted)

Diamond: No, you dont undertstand he knows somthing, somthing thats going to give him an advantage, he wont tell me cause he knows i wouldnt agree with it, i mean your a good is TTT but you have got him rubbed up the wrong way! Listen just becareful thats all i am saying.

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Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past Empty Re: Storyline for Terrier - Terriers past

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