Championship Part 2

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Championship Part 2

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:27 pm

Jonathan is walking to the ring. Unusally he keeps on looking back. He is wearing a pair of ripped up pants and a torn shirt that is barly hanging on.

Jonathan Simpson: Bodyguard, (breathing in hard) body (gasps) guards. Make sure nobody come out while I'm talking. Now that that's over. I can't wait untill the end of this tournement. I'm getting killed out their everyone is wanting a title shot and trying to get my championship. I really need everyone here to apply. This tourney can't start untill it's full so why your watching this pm me at Jonathan Simpson. Tell me your name and lvl. Please help out the 1st ever champion. The creator, the savior, the helper, the ... yeah you get my point. Hurry before more of those maniacs backstage attack me again. This is the only title shot any of you get for this and next season, unless of course you come in 1st or 2nd place. So how about this. If any of the first 10 people wins any one of the tournements. I'll give that person a very special prize.

The titan tron turns on and shows a curtain that has a number 1,2, and a number 3.

Jonathan Simpson: Just in case all three of the winners are in the first ten to sign up.

[Do not put this in a episode of either show]


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