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Post  ChrisSwagga on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:48 am

This is the life story of Chris Swagga. Coming straight out of Miami Florida which is in the United States of America. Growing up with out a father, losing him at a young age, and with little money. Having to hustle money in the cold deadly streets of Miami. Chris did what he could to get by, even though his mom and brothers where there for him. Chris taught himself how to fight at a young age. So Chris thought it would be safer to start street fighting. He was wrong it was just as dangerous and deadlier. He was the best in his hood getting the respect that he wanted and just as everything turned good at age 17 he was put in a coma during a deadly street fight where his opponent pulled out a gun and shot him 5 times amazingly he served, but was still in a coma. 10 months later he woke up from his coma at age 18 not remembering what happen but that day nothing else he deiced he wanted to continue but in a safer way so he trained everyday for 5 years. At age 23 he was a 100% muscular giant. UWF had discovered him so he did a couple matches for them and they where impressed so they gave him a contract and now Chris is winning titles make money and getting girls. The Swagga Era Has Begun!!!

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