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Post  Guest on Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:08 pm

Well, we went through some growing pains in our first season, but it's going to get better! We're going to ask that if you want to have roleplays in the show to send them to us via PM. The people to send them to would be Schembri, Admin, Supreme Knight and Bocephus. Time to have them in to us by:

UWF Major Show Sunday night/Monday afternoon (we'll get a solid time for you guys and gals soon)

UWF United Alliances- Wednesday night/Thursday afternoon (we'll get a solid time for you on this as well)

Roleplays here in the forum can actually be used as footage one can relate to during the two shows and even can be seen as house shows or untelevised segments.

More on this will come later from UWF Management!


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