Shocker(Now Finished)

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Shocker(Now Finished)

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:11 pm

Suddenly,a unknown guy walks into the ring.......

Unknown guy-My name is "The Money Maker"L.A. Mauler.I came here to destroy wrestlers like Karlao.

Karlao walks into the ring with anger.....

Karlao-You think you could beat me?Well,your wrong.I'm one of the elite wrestlers here in UWF.I could just simply beat you easily without me being hurt.

Mauler-You picked the wrong guy the mess with.I came from a city where a lot of fighting happens.I came here to beat up people and that includes you!

Karlao-You want some?Me and you one on one tonight!

Mauler-Your on!

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