New Guy in town

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New Guy in town

Post  Guest on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:28 pm

A unknown, handsome, muscluar, tan, tall man is wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a tee-shirt. He asks for a mike from one of the crew.

Unknown man:Hello, Hello. Now I bet many of you don't know who I am. If you show up to the other second rate shows in the LWX, then you'd know me. I left the "other" show to come here. To the best show in the LWX. Wait, I still haven't told you my name yet (laughing at himself). Sorry my name is Jonathan Simpson. The "King of Fans". So as the new guy here I might need some "help" getting to know the federation and who not to mess with. Stuff like that. So is there anybody in that locker room who would like to team with "The King of Fans" Jonathan Simpson. Just come by my locker after the show and we'll talk about it.

He rolls out of the ring and starts to highfive all the fans. They soon start to chant "KING, KING, KING", over and over again.


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