The Brief Debut

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The Brief Debut Empty The Brief Debut

Post  jackhorror on Sun May 31, 2009 11:59 pm

The titantron suddenly switches to backstage as an interviewer was ready to speak.

Interviewer: Now, I am with Jackhorror, the newly signed wrestler.

The camera shifts to a tall, medium weight wrestler.

Interviewer: So, how do you feel right now?

Jackhorror: Good. You know it's not everyday that you can join a league of wrestlers and kick some ass. I am looking forward to doing just that.

Interviewer: You seem pretty cocky. Do you think you are strong enough?

Jackhorror smiles.

Jackhorror: I know I'm strong enough.

Looks into camera as his face turns serious.

Jackhorror: You mess with me, you will get hurt.

Jackhorror walks away as the interviewer is found confused.


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