Bomber wants to make a impreasion

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Bomber wants to make a impreasion Empty Bomber wants to make a impreasion

Post  Bomberblue on Sat May 30, 2009 6:11 am

Bomber makes his way around the outside of the UWF arena posting flyers announcing his arrival on the roster followed by lil roxy (his doggy)

"you know roxy i not sure these flyers gonna be enought to announce me on the scene"

"bark bark woof"

"exactly not enough style we need a publicity stunt to get us noticed in this buissness but what ?"

"bark woof woof grrrr woof"

"are you crazy dog well never get away with that"


"okay okay well try it its gonna take some doin is all"

Bomber and roxy make there way back into the arena to prepare there surprise

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