Bombers 1st interveiw

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Bombers 1st interveiw Empty Bombers 1st interveiw

Post  Bomberblue on Thu May 28, 2009 6:13 am

Interveiwer : welcome lady s and gentleman to tonights interview with rookie sensation Bomber blue a new addition here in UWF

the interveiwer turns and faces the young bomber who is adjusting his mask

"so bomber can you tell the fans a little of what to expect from you in the upcoming weeks"

"i would have to say expect me to deliver where it counts in the ring i've waited a long time for a shot at the lights and glamour and i wont waste it "

"well you seem confident for a rookie bomber but you have to understand this is the most competitive federation in wrestling today how will you compete against veterans and the in ring performers we have on this roster"

"i have trained my entire life to being all i can be, i am ready as any in ring great you have ever seen i have studied them all, you see before you the incarnation of a hundred ledgends i combine the power of Batista ,the tenacity of Dusty rhodes ,the technical skill of dean malenko i have the guts of Hulk hogan and the cunning of Diamond dallas page. and i have a PHD in WOOOO!!!!"

"It seems confidence isnt a problem either eh Bomberwell thats it folks you heared it here 1st and i for one cant wait to see this young man in action"

the camera pans away

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Bombers 1st interveiw Empty Re: Bombers 1st interveiw

Post  Cameron poe on Thu May 28, 2009 8:44 am

Sorry to interrupt but instead of just writing what your saying...

here is an example...

Bomber Blue: Now I want a match now!

Schembri: Your wish is granted

*bomber leaves the the GM office*

This is just an example

Couldnt think of any good grammer there so just used that Razz
Cameron poe
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