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the new face; Hephaistos Empty the new face: Hephaistos

Post  Hephaistos on Wed May 27, 2009 12:45 pm

The camera fades through a dark and empty locker room. You can hardly see contours of a well build man sitting pensive on a bench. The camera gets closer. A car drives by and the headlights shine through the venetian blinds and his face is seen. It’s Hephaistos.
The camera gets closer.

He notices the camera and starts to talk:
Hephaistos: After all these years of training, of sweat and doubt… I’m finally here. This is my chance to proof my abilities. My time has come… My time to show the people who have been sceptical about me, that I can make it. That I am a great wrestler.
The camera waves to a locker and fades out.

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