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Post  Satin on Wed May 27, 2009 12:15 am

Name: Satin
Alignment: Tweener
Age: 20
Weight: grrrr
Physical Appearance: Black no.1 hair dyed from red, with bluish green eyes. Tiny, but determined. Wears black vynel pants and boots as well as a black with silver diamonds vynel top. A dragon tattoo on her left shoulder.
Nicknames: Satin Sadie
Catchphrases: All's fair in love and war. Satin and Spice nothing nice.
Allies: TBD
Enemies: TBD
Taunts:Satin Looks At The Crowd And Then Back At The Jerk She Is Fighting And Bites Her Thumb executing A Satin And Spice Nothing Nice
Trademarks:Be My Carpet (walk on belly), Satin Press Slam (military press), I Kick You (modified round house)
1(pin):Satin whispers in her stunned opponents ear while placing her hands upon the opponent 's neck
and jumping into the air driving both her knees into her opponents face and rides their chest to the ground executing a devastating Cruel Embrace

2(dd):Satin runs at the opponent throwing up her right leg but misses and is caught by her opponent with her right leg over their left shouler
but she smiles sweetly at them as she brings her left knee crashing into the side or their skull executing a devastating Lasting Sorrow

3(dd):Satin pulls her opponent from the turn buckle and twists both of the opponent 's arms behind their back and climbs to the top turn buckle
and jumps off riding her opponent to the ground purposefully stomping on the back of their head after impact executing a devastating Satin Crush


Picture: The Dirty Diamond...Satin Satin_11

Back story: Satin grew up Privileged and always made good marks in school, but was tainted or so her parents said. She was invited out by a guy in her freshman college class on a date, and seeing as he was cute she agreed. He took her to dinner, and then took her to a gym somewhere and left her sitting alone in the front row promising he'd be right back.
A man got into the ring and announced the first "contest" and the first guy to come out to the ring was huge, but the second guy was a lot smaller yet with a very nice physique. The guy with the nice physique was wearing a mask so his face was not in view; while the monster had no mask and looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to his balding head. After about fifteen minutes the guy with the nice physique hit what at that point she called a pretty flippy move, and the referee slapped the ring three times declaring "Quick silver" the winner.
Quick Silver jumped out of the ring and came to her and asked, "how'd you like it? Did I look good?" Satin stuttered the boys real name and he quickly said shhh and rushed into the back. After the show satin and the guy talked for hours and Satin fell in love that night, but not with the guy. With Wrestling, and that was the taint her father said she was afflicted with. Satin quickly joined the wrestling school that the guy she went on a date with went to, and learned how to wrestle.
She wasn't very good, but one day a guy named Doomraider visited the school and taught her how to become a better wrestler, but that night she went home and her dad had found out about the wrestling school and to put a stop to it gave her an altimatum college or wrestling. Her mother and Father expected that would cow their daughter into submission by the threat of throwing her "future" away, but that night Satin packed her back back with what little she had and waited for the next morning to come, and never went to school nor home again. The sad note is she didn't get to stay in her wrestling school either. She had an invitation to try out for a regional federation and was taking it. When she got there she found the GM of the federation unsatisfactory in all ways. He pushed her into a stable of guys who were low life deviants and finally one day the GM came to discuss contract negotiations with her. He said he wanted to keep her and that she was important to the show, but cut her contract's pay in half.
Satin decided to go back on the road and found yet another federation that wanted her, but when she got there the fed had gone bankrupt and was closing. She then found a new wrestling home, and gained gold quickly. Company politics washed away her gold, and decidedly corrupted her heart. Once a good little girl the dirty diamond was born, and as hell has no fury like a woman scorned she let the company cross her one last time. She walked out and was offered many contracts quickly. She took one...and is now here.


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The Dirty Diamond...Satin Empty Re: The Dirty Diamond...Satin

Post  Terrier on Wed May 27, 2009 3:39 am

Welcome Satin Cool

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The Dirty Diamond...Satin Empty Re: The Dirty Diamond...Satin

Post  Cameron poe on Wed May 27, 2009 5:18 am


I think I may know you....

Do you know a guy called Curtis Kash by any chance?
Cameron poe
Cameron poe

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The Dirty Diamond...Satin Empty Re: The Dirty Diamond...Satin

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