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Post  Mr. AP on Mon May 25, 2009 1:11 pm

*Mr. AP sits down, albeit uncomfortably, on a metal folding chair in the middle of the lockerroom. He looks up at the blaring TV suspended in the corner of the room. White Trash is in the middle of the ring, calling everyone out. AP raises an eyebrow and nods his head in agreement. As Trash's rant finishes, Mr. AP gets up, walks over to the tv, reaches up and turns it off. He then returns to the metal folding chair, hands clasped, thinking a little bit.*

Mr. AP -- You know, I respect that. White Trash ain't afraid of nobody. Gotta respect that, man. Homeboy's about to throw down with anybody, anywhere. That's what I'm talkin about. And that's what I'M about. I ain't afraid of nobody. You think I came to this fed to sit in a corner, job a few matches and collect a few dimes? Mr. AP don't play like that, son! Cuz if you ain't got respect, then you ain't got nothin! And I'm about to get me some!

*Mr. AP points to the screen with decision.*

Mr. AP -- I've been seein the past few days... these guys... TTT and Ultimate Terrier. Walkin around steppin to each other all tough and what not. Yall better check it before you wreck it. Call me out like that, and yall'll be sorry yall did... GM Schembri, throw at me whoever you want. Because they about to learn the meaning of RESPECT!

*Mr. AP gets up to leave the lockerroom. Fade to black as the door shuts behind him*
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