White Trash greets the people

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White Trash greets the people Empty White Trash greets the people

Post  White Trash on Mon May 25, 2009 5:34 am

("Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynryd Skynryd plays, and White Trash makes his way down to the ring wearing faded jeans, black boots, and a sleeveless black T-shirt with a confederate flag on it. There is a mixture of boos and cheers from the crowd, but mainly because they don't know who he is.)

Trash: Well, I can tell by the sound of the crowd, y'all don't know who I am, and hell, I'm sure half of you don't give a damn either.

(Crowd cheer a bit louder, mainly in recognition of their ambivalence)

Trash: Okay, so my name is White Trash...Sure, I may not have the best win/loss record here in the UWF. And sure, maybe I've had my ass handed to me a few times before.

(Crowd swell again at the idea of Trash losing matches)

Trash: But I'll tell you one thing, whether it's The Ultimate Terrier, Tough Tendon Thomas, Supreme Knight or even Schembri himself, whoever wants to come here and take me on, I'll give 'em one hell of a match, and win, loose or draw, they'll know that they've been in the ring with the Redneck Submission Machine!!

(Trash pounds his fist on his heart, and slowly raises his arm high above his head in The Dungeon Salute. "Sweet Home Alabama" plays once more, and Trash makes his way back to the locker room.)

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