Encounter?: Tough Thomas Tendon vs. Ultimate Terrier

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Encounter?: Tough Thomas Tendon vs. Ultimate Terrier Empty Encounter?: Tough Thomas Tendon vs. Ultimate Terrier

Post  TTT on Fri May 22, 2009 7:01 am

As he approaches the locker room, Tough Tendon Thomas hears a clanging sound coming from inside. As he enters, he sees the Ultimate Terrier banging his head against TTT's locker door, obviously because his own locker door has already a big hole punched inside.

"Arrrgraaahh, the Terrier will crush, the Terrier will destroy, arrgg..." the Terrier rumbles.

TTT:" Hey Man, what are you doing, thats my locker! Didn't your mama tell you to keep your head of other people's property."

Terrier still banging his head:"Arrggrrah, the Terrier wants to destroy Morhag, grrr, wants to fight him and crush his bones..." *bangbang*

TTT: "Dude, CALM DOWN. Stop wrecking my locker, i mean it! Hey you nutcase, are you even listening?"

TTT approaches the Terrier to grab him by the shoulder. Before reaching him, the Terrier finally stops, glaring at TTT. He braethes heavily...

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Encounter?: Tough Thomas Tendon vs. Ultimate Terrier Empty Re: Encounter?: Tough Thomas Tendon vs. Ultimate Terrier

Post  Terrier on Fri May 22, 2009 7:40 am

*With Blood shot eyes and drool running from his mouth the Terrier focuses his attention on TTT, with a look of almost sheer disbelief on his face!

Terrier: Who dares to stand in front of the Terrier and interrupt what he is doing?

TTT: Well you were destroyi…(Interrupted)

Terrier: The Terrier does not care about your locker, your locker is trash to the Terrier, this whole room is trash to the Terrier. All the Terrier cares about is getting his hands on Morhag on the opening night UWF this coming Tuesday, so he can make him pay for the insult he has cast upon me!

*Now face to face TTT is looking slightly uncomfortable, perhaps he thinks the Terrier has rabies or something?*

TTT: Listen buddy.

*Places his hand on the Terrier’s shoulder. Out of nowhere the Terrier explodes with rage and grips TTT by the kneck slamming him up against the lockers*

Terrier: NO!!!! YOU LISTEN!!!! NEVER TOUCH THE TERRIER!!!! The Terrier has no desire to punish TTT, but if you want to be apart of the Pain that is coming Morhag’s way then continue to disrespect the Terrier. If you’re not stupid you will stay out of my way…UNDERSTAND!!??

*A choking TTT nod’s his head and the Terrier releases his grip and tares off out of the locker room. A small group of wrestler are laughing in the corner, although when TTT looks at them they immediately stop and put their heads down.*

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