Triple T in the Locker Room

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Triple T in the Locker Room Empty Triple T in the Locker Room

Post  TTT on Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:11 am

Triple T and Goldi can be seen in the Locker Room. TTT ties his boots while Goldi looks at him full of cares.

Goldi: You seem depressed. What's wrong?
TTT: You have to ask? UWF is going down. More and more people leave, since Schembri announced his retirement. The wrestlers, the VGMs, the background crew, everybody.
Goldi: You still have us. Diamond and me.
TTT *smiles sadly*: Yes, i know. That keeps me up. It's just that this is the first federation which took me serious as a professional wrestler. I even miss this nutcase of a terrier...

Diamond is appearing in the doorway.

Diamond *smiling*: Didn't expect to hear that from you so soon.

She enters the room, laying a hand on Triple Ts back

Diamond: Don't be sad. It's not the end of your career, it's just the start. Things just change...apart that you're stuck with Goldi and me, that will probably never change.

They start laughing

TTT: I'm glad i'm stuck with you two.
Goldi: Yeah, yeah, enough of this. Hurry changing, i'm hungry...

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