sending the Terrier to his doom?!

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sending the Terrier to his doom?! Empty sending the Terrier to his doom?!

Post  TTT on Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:54 am

The entrance video of "Triple T" Tough Tendon Thomas is played, the crowd starts cheering. TTT and his lovers make their way to the ring. As they enter the ring, TTT first enjoys the cheering of his fans, then puts a mic to his lips and waits for the crowd to calm down before he starts speaking.

TTT: OK, folks. I bet you all have seen the last show and me loosing to this pathetic narcissistic Jason Knudson. To be true i tried to save my strengh for the Terrier so i didn't give him all i had...

commentator #1: What lame excuse should that be? Jason Knudson gave him a good fight and just deserved to win.
commentator #2: I'm not 100% sure about that. He wanted to fight the Terrier not Mr. Perfectly Awesome.
c #1: Oh, come on! Jason Knudson hit on his girl. He had enough reason to give his best.

TTT:...and it doesn't matter anyway. The Terrier lost his match so i wouldn't have fought him in the tournament anyway and as i said that's my primary goal. Today i'm here for two reasons. The first reason is that again i demand a match against the Terrier where the winner - who will of course be me - will put this muzzle over his opponents head. I deserve this match as much as the Terrier deseves this muzzle! What he doesn't deserve...

TTT stops talking to take a look at the crowd and then at Diamond

TTT:...what he doesn't deserve is to be on the same roster as the rest of us fine hard working wrestlers, he doesn't even deserve to stand in the ring of any wrestling show. This brings me to reason number two! As i promised you before the tournament started, i have a surprise for all of you...

He pauses again.

TTT:...i want to introduce someone to you. Please welcome: Sheriff Burke...

A Spotlight follows a person making his way to the ring.
commentator #1: What's that supposed to mean? Who is Sheriff Burke?
commentator #2: I absulutely don't know, but i'm sure we will get to know in a few seconds.

TTT: Sheriff Burke, good to see you. Would you please explain to us why you are here tonight?
Sheriff Burke: I'm here, because you gave us a hint of a person who might be involved with a murder which took place serveral years ago.
TTT: Ah, and who would this person be?
Burke: This person is known to you as "The Ultimate Terrier".

A loud murmur can be heard from the crowd.
commentator #1: I don't believe what i'm hearing. The Ultimate Terrier, a murder suspect?
commentator #2: Nobody said suspect! Shut up and listen!

Burke: I'm here to take him in for questioning.
TTT: Is he a suspect?
Burke: No comment!
TTT *smiles*: OK, but don't forget our deal. Whatever the outcome of your questioning will be. I will get my match with him.
Burke *sighs*: Right.


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