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Post  Guest on Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:51 pm

Jonathan's music hits as he walks down the aisle, looking very mad.


The crowd go's crazy.

Jonathan: NO, then. I'll propose a offer, you can't turn down. As most of you know. My contract runs out soon. And as most of you also know. Th3 Ch@d fired me, from my spot on the show. So tonight, I demand a match vs you. I put up my contract on the line, while Ch@d puts his VGM spot on the line.
Also, Terrier can you come out here.

The Ultimate Terrier music hits as Terrier runs down the aisle.

Jonathan: Terrier your my best friend you know that. When I came here, you helped me around the fed. After I got my spot here. You were my tag team partner and I helped you look for that secret person. Well I want you to forget to forget it. Yep that's what I said. Forget It. I know your in the tourneys, but I have a..... a going away present.

He takes the championship off his shoulder. He then stares at it, and ........hands it over to Terrier!!!.

Jonathan: Now remember I still have a spot on this roster. And if I win tonight I want my title back.

They both start to laugh.


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