UWF Champions Stable asking for Th3 Ch@d to come out and talk to them!

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UWF Champions Stable asking for Th3 Ch@d to come out and talk to them!

Post  HBB SMB on Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:42 am

UWF Champions music starts to play over the load speaker... Out walks all four members of the stable. First is Jonathan Simpson, next the Ultimate Terrier, third is Jeff Hardly, and last is Shawn Michael Back. HBB has his head down and is shaking it the whole way to the ring. Jon has a mike and he looks a little pissed off.

Jonathan: So I no longer am a VGM in this fed, but we still run things here. I am still the Dominance Champion!

Jon looks at his title and sees it shine in the bright lights.

HBB: You are going to hold onto that title for a while Jon. We will all make sure of that. Soon one of us will be the European champ also. That is still up to debate on who will walk out with that title.

Jeff: Debate, there is no debate. It's me!

Terrier: Both of you wait. It is defiantely me.

HBB: Ok ok, no is not the time for this. The first round isn't even started yet. Today we are out here to show our concern for the UWF. Ever since I started here, Jonathan has been running almost everything in this fed. He would talk to schembri and relay everything over to us. Right nwo, since Jon got fired, that leaves th3 Ch3d in charge of the fed since the GM is still with a comp virus. Well, I am just trying to figure out where he is. I have not seen him post anything or let anyone know of any matches coming up, nothing. I just want to know what is happening in here. The first round of matches happens this week for the titles, but I don't even know if the tournaments are still going to happen since Jon set them up. Hey Th3 Ch@d... Can you please come out and explain what is going to happen over the next couple days and weeks... please...

All four of them look over at the entrance way waiting for a response...

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re: roleplay

Post  Th3 Ch@d on Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:10 pm

good idea for a roleplay... however jonathan simpson has been fired...
I have been making announcements in the major show about what has been going on
Th3 Ch@d
Th3 Ch@d
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