Tournement Begins Finally

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Tournement Begins Finally Empty Tournement Begins Finally

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:01 pm

Jonathan Simpson is walking to the ring with his belt around his shoulder. Then when he rolls in the ring he places it on his waist. He then asks for a mike.

Jonathan Simpson: Hello, Hello to a very special edition. Now, as you all know the tournements are startiing soon. Well thier starting....TODAY. Round 1 will be today. Round 2 on the main show next week. And the final round for the championship at the PPV. All of the UWF will be suprised, glad or mad at the results. I know I can't wait for this tournement to start. So how about we go to Round 1 of the UWF Championship.

As Jonathan leaves the ring the crowd is chanting "UWF. UWF. UWF. UWF."


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