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Post  Dynamo on Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:14 am

--The camera finds Dynamo in his locker room--

Training Time Uwf_dy13

--Dynamo just got his training suit on and he walks out of the locker room. Dynamo walks and some staff members ae on the way. Dynamo pushes them out of the way and the staff members drop something--

The staff member: Hey! Watch it buddy!

Dynamo: I am not your 'buddy'. You need to learn that.

The staff member: Whatever, but you can walk around us. You don't need to push us around.

Dynamo: I don't care about you. You are only on my way.

The staff member: We are on your way? We make the ring where you wrestle. We make the video of your entrance. We make sure your locker room is clean and there is everything what you need.

Dynamo: I don't simply care. It is your job. Your job isn't be on my way, when I am going training.

The staff member: But it is not our job to get away from your way if we are doing our job, what si very important.

Dynamo: It is your job to lick my boots clean if I say so.

The staff member 2: It isn't.

Dynamo: Maybe you're right, maybe not. I've wasted too much time for you punks.

--Dynamo walks away and the staff members keep on walking. Dynamo walks in to the gym and he gets in to the ring with his trainer--

Trainer: You seem to be frustrated.

Dynamo: I am.

--Dynamo does a compination of punches--

Trainer: Why?

Dynamo: Because some dumbass staff members tried to get the best out of me.

Trainer: You fought with them?

--Dynamo does high kick--

Dynamo: No. They were on my way and I pushed them away. Then they started to run their mouth.

Trainer: Not a wise thing.

--Dynamo dropicks the trainer and they both get up--

Dynamo: No, it isn't. Why they just can't let me do my thing. Wrestling. They are on my way almost all the time. Only place where I don't need to worry about them being on my way is at shower.

--The trainer punches Dynamo few times--

Trainer: Don't forget your defence! And if you don't want the staff members to be on your way, just carry a steel chair or something with you. It helps, trust me.

--The trainer tries to kick Dynamo but Dynamo dodges and executes Neckbreaker Dynamo helps the trainer up and they continue--

Dynamo: They are distracting me. I need to focus on my Tournament match.

--Dynamo eye pokes the trainer and executes German Suplex to the trainer. After it Dynamo executes Ankle Lock to the trainer--

Trainer: Just carry sledgehammer or something with you and they will never get on your way. (breathes heavily) Let go already!

--Dynamo releases the Ankle Lock and straight away the trainer Low Blows Dynamo and executes DDT to him--

Trainer: But now, keep your focus on our training!

--The trainer climbs on to the top turnbuckle and he prepares for Moonsault. Then Dynamo gets quickly up and Super German Suplex' the trainer--

Dynamo: I do all the... (breathes heavily) time.

--Dynamo helps the trainer up--

Trainer: Your training is over for now. Go ot relax before your match.

Dynamo: No. I will go to prepare for the match. Better match means more cash for me.

Trainer: Good ol' Dynamo.

--Dynamo leaves the gym and the camera fades off--


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